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OSPFv3 Forwarding Address under NSSA vs Regular External

I am sharing something I researched recently at work, and still do not have the final answer, however it is interesting so I decided to write about it, some of the development group asked us why and if it is really important to use the Forwarding address in OSPFv3 implementation.I have used the above model (and another that may be I will share later).External NSSAExternal without NSSAI am advertising from R6 and R5 net 2001:11:145:56::On the External database of R1 there is only a single selected although under R3 both options (from R5 and R6) are there, so it looks like it is being filtered.R1#sh ipv ospf database external             OSPFv3 Router with ID ( (Process ID 1)                Type-5 AS External Link States  …  Routing Bit Set on this LSA  LS age: 143  LS Type: AS External Link  Link State ID: 1  Advertising Router:  LS Seq Number: 80000002  Checksum: 0xEC3F  Length: 56  Prefix Address: 2001:11:145:56::  Prefix Length: 64, Options: None  Metric Type: 2 …