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Ok now the fun stuff start, MPLS VPN’s, I have created nice topology with ISP “” and two customers that have connected their branches in NY and Tel Aviv, “” a small company and “” an innovative company working Native IPv6.Now this time I would go in a different approach instead of talking and talking (I mean writing and writing) I will give you all configurations and .net file I did and let you play around.MPLS VPN Topology configuration + .netSome pointers:1) You can divide the topology into 2 main sections Provider and Customer and 3 virtual divisions (explained below):a) Provider Back Bone, relatively simple configuration P router are set only with IGP (OSPF flat area 0)
b) PE’s are the complex part, holding both the Customer Interconnecting protocol Provider Topology and doing the conversion between them.
c) Customer Edge again simple configuration 2) ttl propagation in the configuration files I have provided you I have left the default behavior of …