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OT : mp4 to mp3 conversion tool

Hi All I have decided to share with you something I did for my self as I found my self doing many conversion of mp4 to mp3 for my iPhone, i did an automation script that takes the path of a directory or file and convert all mp4 to mp3.#!/bin/bash# mp4tomp3## Cool Tool created to automate the conversion process of mp4 files to mp3## Creator : Shiran Guez## Created under ubuntu but should work on any linux distribution # That have ffmpeg installed##CONVERTER_PATH=$1if [ -z $1 ] ; then CONVERTER_PATH=$(echo "`pwd`")fiif [ -d $CONVERTER_PATH ] ; thenfor i in *.mp4do ffmpeg -i "$i" -f mp3 -ab 192000 -vn $(echo $i | sed 's/.\mp4/.\mp3/') done echo "Done"else file $CONVERTER_PATH | grep "MPEG v4"if [ $? -eq 0 ] ;then ffmpeg -i "$CONVERTER_PATH" -f mp3 -ab 192000 -vn $(echo $CONVERTER_PATH | sed 's/.\mp4/.\mp3/')else echo "That is not a valid format of mp4 file to convert" echo…

eBgp-Multihop vs. ttl-security

Today I have answered one of the Cisco CCIE groupstudy questions on the relation between the two features.To understand the relation first lets explore what each feature job and purpose in life:
eBgp-multihop – like in IGP the default ttl for packets is 1 and that is to ensure delivery only to the directly connected network node, but unlike IGP eBgp is often (in real networks) established via interface loopback and because packet generated / sourced from Interface loopback going out the router using its next hop interface that break the communication as 1-1 = 0 and 0 TTL mean packet can’t be delivered to destination, so what to do?!
increase TTL (is the answer :-)) 
using the eBgp-multihop is like simply indicating what TTL should be set to the packet to ensure delivery to the desired network ttl-security – so we now understand the eBgp affect packet going out of our system by manipulating its TTL,
How do I prevent neighbor coming 10 hops away from me?!
you set the ttl-secu…