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MPLS Deployment reasons

1) Faster convergence, in the old days that was a valid reason due to the relatively complex forwarding task that required more resources then Label forwarding. Today non relevant 2) RFC 1483 the newer 2684 AAL5 ATM Adaptation Layer 5 the implementation of IP over ATM 3) BGP Core Free on the SP network, as with MPLS lookup is done based on Labels and not destination address there is no need to have the BGP table in the Core for external prefixes lookup's. this is a massive change from the requirement that Every router in the core must have BGP enabled (cpu and memory intensive load) to only the edge router have BGP enabled mean higher performance and capability. Note: edge routers still need to have the BGP routing tables, edge routers are translating between ip routing decision to label based decisions. 4) Deployment scalability, when we face with large scale client to deploy (client that connect with 50 - 300 sites and more) we need to have under the consideration the deployment…