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Read the entire exam – now I know everyone is saying that and even Cisco it advising that in there site, but this is one of the important things you need to do before you start configuring as when you start configuring, your mind is set to different mode and you will miss important details. Take Notes - In addition to step 1 you must know to take notes, what I mean you ask yourself?! Well when you read the exam you will probably be thinking "am I wasting my time reading when other are typing and almost finishing their exam" I say NO you are not but because you all stress and your brain is speeding in almost 200mph you will not remember if you will not take notes. Work Your Way UP – After first two steps are done you are probably 30 min – 40 min into your exam do not panic, work in a step by step layer 2 to layer 3… Ask The Proctor – there was in my lab a real nice person that I am sorry I didn't ask for his name but for me his name was Mr. Proctor and whenever I had a qu…