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CCIE LAB Learn Process

I will separate the LAB study process from the Written Exam as they are 2 different process from my point of view, so my study to the lab started at the end of 2006 after I passed my Written Exam, first my plan was to study for 4 months using Rack Rental but as I progressed I saw that this target was not realistic and I had a lot more to practice and to study before I will attempt to go to the lab so I scheduled my lab for mid August 2007, I rented almost 600 hours of rack time and scheduled almost every day a lab session, very important detail I forgot to mention is that I purchased the IEWB from Internetworkexpert. At first stage of my study the version that was available of the Work Book was 3 that was according to the old LAB format with 2 Catalysts only later they released version 4 and 4.1 according to the updated format of 4 Catalysts, but never mind that, at first few months I had a lot of mess in my brain as I didn't had any structured plan on how to approach the lab, th…

CCIE #20572

That is one happy weekend for me, I posting this from my room Residence Inn in Milpitas City an hour after I recived one of the best news after a very long year and half of studying and one failiur, I passed my CCIE of R&S in San Jose Apr 18 2008.Wonderful feeling, please forgive me for the short story.Thank you all for the support especialy to my wife, son and parents that suffered my moods and my busy schedual.