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IPSec Basics

IPSec is an suit of protocols designed to provide interopable and high secure data transfer service. to understand IPSec we need to go to the basics and see some defenitions and protocols used by IPSec and start from there to build our understanding on IPSec, after we know what is IPSec and what he need to provide us we can go over to the practical usage and some configuration samples. so as I have said we have some basics to cover and we will start with: Authentication - is how the units verify they are who they say they are Data Integrity - making sure that the data that was sent it what was recived in the other side with no change Confidentiality - it the Encription of the data Anti-Replay - preventing play back attack, if this mechanizem was not enable then a potential attacker could capture a stream of data and replay it to the box this stream was sent and potentialy could log into the network even if the data is hashed it dosent metter as the other side need to know to unpa…

New Job

Hi Guys, Sorry I don’t have much time as I started a week ago new job in Expand Networks as one of the 3rd level Support Team, our product is the answer to Cisco WAAS, currently I am only learning trying to catch up some huge amount of information on a product that I was never familiar before and in between still studying and preparing for My CCIE. so wish me luck I hope soon I will be able to catch a breath and give you some nice articles :-)

Juniper start here

Ok although I am a fan of Cisco you cant go around and not see that Juniper is there and slow but safely moving up and up, I remembered that I heard the name Juniper in 2001 I said yes yes... and thought to my self another one of thus companies... Today I cant ignore them anymore, and why I saw today the first (I think, as I never saw before) online rack rental and workbook for Juniper this I think is the first but many will follow after, as the demand and the deployments of Juniper in the world today are growing and I do not think there is an ISP or any SP (Wireless / Mobile / Others) in the Industry today that do not have Juniper some where in his network, now I do not think it is bad for Cisco (other then sales), I think that good competitors bring the best in you, when I was in school if some one tried had better grades then me then I always tried to do harder and if I was the better one I always made sure that it would stay that way (I was very compe…