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One of my major weakness until recently was security, security is the one topic that can kill you if you do not know what you are doing or if you are not careful enough to lookinto the small details. in the past when I came to a task I would attack it straight ahead and not thinking what it can do to other things I did before or what I need to do in the next task, I worked in a task by task strategy, today as I grown :-) I learned that nothing especially in real life is not presented to you in a step by step manner, you always need to gather all the information and sort it your self like a puzzle, some time the puzzle is small and easy some time you cant find the middle piece to complete your puzzle. so my advice to you is take the exam as a puzzle put all the parts in front of you (mean read all and draw basic topology accordingly) and build your puzzle from bottom up (piece by piece) if you cant find a piece then skip you will find it later. Now with that analogy the Security is one…

CCIE Lab San Jose 16 Jan 2008

Ok, I wished to tell you my number after that date but unfurtunetly for me I will need to hold on with that post. so for now I will tell you my expireance, I traveled from Israel to San Francisco California on Jan 12 2008 arrived after painful 18hr flight with a connection in London. Days before the exam I have taken the liberty to relax and sleep as much as I can. The lab Day I have arrived as early as I could at 7am to Tasman Drive 150 bldg C waiting for them to open the doors (yes I am that freek). at about 7:30 they have opened the doors and I waited for the other candidates to arrive, at about 8:15 we where guided to the Lab...(now I cant tell you what happen there as I am obligated to the NDA). What I can tell you is that it was hard but not impossiable I have actually had no problem with the core topics and but I did found the security and qos to be confusing enough to fail me. I certenly learned from this expireance (it was expensive lesson) and hope to not fail on that a…