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CCIE Regular Expression in BGP

I think one of the most scary configuration is when using Regular Expression (at least for me)it took me a while and I am still straggling from time to time, although I am writing to you about this I am sorry to say there is no easy way to get it. you just need to put it in your headI believe the each explanation has its own advantage as some people understand reading manual some need a trainer to lecture them.Here I will give some of my own explanation to the common regular expression:* all char, mean when you use this it can be any char ^ start here, for example ^5 mean any thing that start with 5 so it could be 5 or 500 or 54 or 5000000$ end here, for example 5$ mean any string that end with 5 so it could be 455 or 45 or 5 or 3005_ (underscore) start or end or space, this is a nice one as it mean you can either start a string or end a string or simple space. example _5_ can only mean 5 but _5 can mean 5 or 500 or 54 or 5000000 and 5_ can mean 455 or 45 or 5 or 3005[] brackets, I do…


I must say this is one of the technology's I love and some times also love to hate as it can make you very confused on where to start and what to do to make it work, but once you do make it work you fill like Houdini.

why like Houdini because basically the technology make your middle switch go away like it never was there and sowing to the person you wanted to show like he is directly connected to a switch when he is not.

now that I made every one a little confused, i will start to explain, QinQ allow you to take a middle switch and turn it to transparent while connecting 2 other components and maid them fill like they are directly connected.

why do you need that, well the CCIE lab love it as it is confusing setup but there are more reason then that, with QinQ you can connect topology's while you migrating, you can also connect between clients that have there own topology that you do not want to encounter in your topology by transferring all of them with a single tag between ther…

CCIE LAB with Dynamips

I am proude to present to you my first LAB design with Dynamips, it is a 5 router topology with the use of FRSW and ETHSW from Dynamips.

I am working today with IEWBv4 to get my number. during my study I have said to my self why not create also your own LAB topology with your own scenarios, and here we are.

you can download my .net and initial config

As for the Lab Scenarios rules:

1) Do NOT use Frame-Relay Inverse Arp
2) Do NOT use sub interface with int Frame-Relay
3) There should be connectivity trough out the network include routes advertised from BB1
4) Y represent the Router number

1) Set loopback interfaces on R1/R2/R3/R4 with 150.1.y.y


1) Set Connectivity on the Frame Relay cloud between R1 R2 and R3
2) set Connectivity on the Frame Relay cloud between R4 to BB1
3) Set Serial using ppp between R3 and R4
4) I am a little afraid from unwanted users so please make sure you add on MD5 authentication between R3 to R4 and to make it more efficient as most of my traffic is txt files …